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by Brad Tout


All advertising for courses should be clear, accurate and within appropriate guidelines. We have a responsibility in all we do to reflect the character of God, including integrity in the way we describe ourselves and claims that we make in advertising. This applies to brochures, flyers, spoken comments, web pages and any other method of explaining and marketing our courses.

It is suggested that all materials be checked by a supervisor or other appropriate staff person before final printing, posting on the web, etc. to ensure that:

  • Marketing material is accurate, truly reflecting what a course is and is not and giving true information regarding dates, costs, duration, etc.
  • Prior written permission is obtained from any person or organisation for use of their name in advertising material, and must abide by any conditions of that permission.
  • Advertised outcomes should be consistent with actual outcomes of the course (likely topics, credits, acceptance toward a degree or qualification, preparation for particular roles or ministries, etc.)
  • A base/training location may only advertise courses or seminars as being registered with the U of N, and eligible for U of N credit, if they have submitted a form A and received a registration certificate from the Provost's office.

Use of the YWAM and U of N Name and Logos

  • A base/training location may ONLY use the U of N name and/or logo to advertise courses or seminars that have been registered with the U of N.
  • The base/training location may only use the following phrases (or others similar phrases) in connection with courses or seminars which have been registered with the U of N:
    • Registered with the University of the Nations.
    • A course/seminar of the University of the Nations.
    • Eligible for credit with the University of the Nations.
  • If any advertising material includes both registered and non-registered courses or seminars, there must be clear differentiation between these so as not to mislead potential students regarding registration and credits.
  • The base/training location must comply with the guidelines for the use of YWAM and U of N logos.
  • Any organisation that is not a recognised YWAM base/location/organisation and accountable to the YWAM international leadership structure, may not use the YWAM and/or U of N logos on any advertising or marketing material.


  • Certificates issued to graduating students of a school which include the U of N name and/or logo need to be the standard size and format as issued by the International Registrar's Office upon receipt of the form B.
  • Other certificates of a different size and format may be issued but these may only use the YWAM name and/or logo, not the U of N name and/or logo.

Ethics and Integrity in Advertising; Printed April 24, 2005 Page 2 of 2 2005 U of N Reference Guide. Copyright © 2005 by YWAM/U of N; All Rights Reserved.