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YWAM England/Wales Policy Statement on Attendance of Students on DTS and UofN Schools Within England/Wales

Students' attendance will be monitored for fulfilment of the school requirement and for compliance with regulations governing non-EU students.

Attendance is compulsory and if attendance falls below the 80% mark the student will be warned that they may be immediately disqualified from the school and be asked to leave. Exception may be given for medical reasons if a doctor's certificate is supplied and for compassionate reasons if the School Leader so judges it.

If the student is asked to leave the school for failing to fulfil the attendance requirement, the School Leader will inform, in writing, the leader of the church who provided the personal reference for the student. An explanation of that decision will be included. When the student is from a non-EU nation the School Leader will also report the matter, in writing, to the Immigration and Nationality Directorate at the Home Office.

Appeals Procedure

A student who is asked to leave a school may appeal to the Base or Team leader, and the Director of Training (or director of DTS Training as appropriate) for YWAM England/Wales.