Personal Vision Statement Questions

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Personal Vision statement

A personal vision statement is putting your core passion into words. It is NOT a job description, but a description of your passion. It will follow you no matter where you go or what you do. These questions will help you get at the core of what God has put in your heart. Use the back of the paper if necessary.

1. If I had unlimited resources and time, what would I do?
(don't think too long before you write something down, just write whatever comes to mind -- it doesn't have to be realistic or only ministry focused)

2. What are the values I want to live by/be known by?
(e.g. integrity, honesty, good relationships, etc.)

3. Compare your values with the ideas in #1. In which areas is there an overlap?

4. What are my strengths, things I feel I can do well?
(character, gifting + ministry skills.. e.g. I can listen well and have a genuine heart for people; I play piano; I can cook; I'm good in technical things; I am an encourager; I can organize things well; etc...)

5. List any guidance factors towards my personal calling and destiny.
(prophetic words, feedback from mentors/advisors/friends, Bible verses, dreams, experiences, songs that influenced you, etc.)

6. Try to form a simple vision statement.
(Examples: Calling the nations to worship their Creator; Leading young people to the Father; Inspiring confidence in raising support; Strengthening those who are weak; Bringing hope and a future to seekers; Building people, bringing life)]