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Called to preach

It is still possible to meet them somewhere in a street or on a square: the Open Air Preacher. Sometimes they are really good and it fills me with admiration for these heros. Other times it is a shame to see and lots of people avoid them or attack them in angry discussions. So what about you and me? Not many are willing to take on the challenge and spread Gods news publically. But are we able to do it?

Of course we are! Actually anyone can share what God did in his/her life. It even doesn't have to take too long or be complicated. An easy short message or story is exactly what someone needs who passes by. Okay, not that every message needs to be perfect. Some of us have the gift of preaching and drawing people through the words. And it is God who does it. His Spirit is the source.

Opportunities are on the street. It is possible to just start by reaching out with a small team. Using a drama, handing out flyers or playing some (worship) music. Or there is also the opportunity in joining a Summer Of Service (SOS), like you see in the pictures below from the SOS in Paris. Anyone who wants can take a turn and share a story or preach what is on their heart to share.

Streetpreacher3.JPGStreetpreacher4.JPG Streetpreacher1.JPGStreetpreacher2.JPG

What you need:

  • Must:
    • Smile -> Remember this is GOOD news!
    • Courage -> Pray hard.
    • A good voice -> Practice in front of the mirror. Project your voice - don't shout.
    • A clear, succinct message that is relevant to your audience in their culture. (Contrast Peter speaking to the crowd in Jerusalem with Paul speaking to the Athenians)
  • Optional:
    • A Bible -> Not only the book itself. You must have read it, but that is obvious.
    • Microphone -> Important that the people can hear you. So if possible try to arrange a soundsystem. A amplifier for a guitar will work as well, just check if it has a plug for a microphone.
    • Megaphone -> This is another tool that is useful. Not as good as having a soundsystem, but it will get peoples attention. Not too loud, or you will repel people with your volume!
  • Check:
    • Permission -> To do a performance or speak in public is not everywhere allowed. Especially with big events, get a permission from the local authority.