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Not Yet Registered

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Not Yet Registered

Youth With A Mission and the University of the Nations is an international missions movement. As part of an ever growing and expanding missions movement, courses are being pioneered regularly and may have not yet completed a registration process. All registered courses have met the requirements of the U of N are assigned a faculty/college. These are listed in the U of N Catalogue which is published every three years. Courses or schools listed below have not yet met the requirements, or are in the process of registering and therefore have not been assigned a faculty.

If your school is wrongly listed here and has been allocated to a faculty, please edit the list below. You may create a dedicated page on this site that can include the overview and details of your course until the next publication of the U of N Catalogue.

Last updated: March 2017.

If you would like to see a full list of YWAM schools, click on this link: List of schools in YWAM.

Abbreviation Full School Name
AMC Apostolic Missions Course
BSD Biblical Studies for Discipleship
CDFM Community Development for Missions
DRD Directed Readings in Discipleship
Evangelism Training School
IBAM Introduction to Business as Mission
MLDS Ministry Leadership Development School
SOAM School of Apostolic Missions
SOAP School of Apostolic Pioneering
SBD School of Biblical Studies for Discipleship
SOBE School of Business and Entrepreneurship
SOCA School of Communication and Advocacy
SOEP School of Evangelism and Pioneering
SOIWSW School of Intercession, Worship and Spiritual Warfare
SOR School of Reformation
SRT School of Reformation and Transformation
SOSD School of Spiritual Deepening
SOSM School of Strategic Missions
SWS School of the Word and Spirit
SMS Strategic Missions School
SAS Street Art School
VTS Vocational Training School
YKC Youth Kairos Course