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List of Skills/Abilities/ Competences Needed to Start a New Team

Everything on this page was identified by people who were working in new teams in urban areas in W Europe. As such, it is a pretty accurate list of what is really needed in starting a new urban team and not a selection of good ideas of what might be helpful. Each person who contributed to this list were answering the question, "What skills, abilities and competencies might be needed to start a new team in Europe?" And this is not an exhaustive list, it is a work in progress.

  1. Hearing from God
  2. Finding someone to help and guide me through the process.
  3. Choosing a location. (incl. reconnaissance)
  4. Deciding what to do. (incl. prototyping)
  5. Getting permission to start
  6. Getting ongoing support and coaching from others in YWAM to start (particularly a new YWAM center/location)
  7. Making local contacts
  8. Finding a place to live
  9. Finding a place to work and meet
  10. Prayer
  11. Communication in YWAM
  12. Communication to the world
  13. Networking skills with pastors and church leaders and local leaders
  14. Skills in Evangelism
  15. Inventing new evangelism strategies
  16. Skills in mercy ministries
  17. Skills in church planting
  18. Starting a business
  19. Ability to create your own personal support network
  20. Minimum bookkeeping and administrative functions
  21. Team bonding and healthy team/community life
  22. How to be pig-headed (a figure of speech meaning, stubborn, determined, persistent, indomitable) and keep going when it gets tough
  23. Sharing knowledge and experience through the KnowledgeBase etc

Other Skills

  1. Releasing
  2. Strategizing
  3. Creativity
  4. Offering a Workshop: How can I take my vision and put it into practice. Making strategic step by step plans. Practical steps to take back and work on
  5. Spiritual warfare in pioneering

When the Team is Running well, then What?

  1. How do I multiply my team?
  2. How do I develop my own skills and leadership further?
  3. How do I find my voice in YWAM?
  4. How do we network with the rest of YWAM and involve them in what we are doing?
  5. How do we measure how well we are doing
  6. How do we bring it to a good close if we need to?

This is not an exhaustive list neither will you have to do everything on this list. It is simply a menu to select from.

Who Can Help Me?

As you begin to plan your team you should have found (or been provided) a YWAMer who can help you, someone who knows where to go to get the information and resources that you might need. Andvery YWAM National Leader and or Base and Team Leader should also be able to point you in the right direction. If all else fails. Pray! And then email Kevin or Steve

This is the link to the original page including some contact details of people who may still be around to help you. New Team Skills Archive