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Networking is one of the most important skills in starting a new team -- networking with church leaders, YWAM bases who may send teams, non-Christians etc.

  • Networking - seems commercial - have another goal other than just for relationships. But we are not a company.
  • Pour yourself in me - a good concept
  • Works when go out to serve others
  • Publicity with lots of leaflets can be a big waste of paper - you need to serve and connect to people to make an impact. If you are out to self-promote but if you come with heart of service for others you are building something bigger
  • Different levels of networking - worldwide ,europe, YWAM, belgium, brussels, our street
  • e.g. lady who visited last time was seeking contact here for possible future work.
  • Go to conferences in Europe - beneficial for you and for Networking opportunities.
  • Fundraising
  • Networking for unity
  • To mobilise people for mission
  • To learn from other cultures
  • To think outside of your cultures box
  • Important to network with other organisations to form strong links
  • Local churches networking
  • Need to prioritise where to network and where not
  • Find the most connected people (always some in every network) as they are door opener people - they will help you male relevant links.
  • Ask questions - do you know anyone who can help me?
  • Network with non-christian people.
  • Be led by God to the key people
Networking is the act of making personal connections with people in other organisations (or in other parts of a large organisation) with the goal of mutual promotion of ideas, solutions and resources and to discover relevant information and key people who can help one reach one's goals.

Christian networking with the purpose of evangelism for the full time worker can be easily seen as work rather than a vocational calling in common with all Christians. Showing an attitude of "this is my work" can be counter productive.

  • It is a relational skill that can be learnt. It is important in lots of areas in life.
  • It is distinct from recruiting and works best reciprocally.
  • When to use networking - right at the beginning. New teams and projects need intensive networking in the early stages.
  • It also helps you to become part of the social scene and hence authoritative and relevant to more people.
  • Ask for addresses and give business cards and contact details!!!!

Essential Tool - the business card - a reminder and link back to a person.

Strategic or Chaotic?

"When meeting people you know after a few seconds whether they are worth connecting to. We then invest more time in them and have coffee, see what needs they have and what possibilities they have for us."

Define your networks in Brussels or Belgium. Look for gaps. As a whole we very large composite network.

  1. Business networking
  2. Evangelism