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Multiplication is one of the key YWAM buzz words that fly around our centres. Yet it is not an empty phrase as it strikes at the core of who we are and what we do best as a mission.

Essentially the word Multiplication is used in a strategic sense in YWAM in some of the following ways (chiefly the first):

  1. Multiplication of a project or movement. If something is found to be effective in one sense (an outreach strategy, a type of ministry e.g. Living Waters, Alternatives, Kings Kids, etc, then serious thought should be given in how to make something reproducible in another locale. It is a way of spreading resources and ideas around.
    • Thought should be given to the principles that make the project or idea work. How easily can they be transferred from place to place, language to language, culture to culture.
    • Simplicity: things need to be broken down simply so that everyone can pick up the components and start something where they are easily.
    • Networks: creating a network so that people can meet, talk, pray and get to grips with the concepts and take it back to their own context are essential to achieve the multiplication and as well to fine tune with the feedback received from those implementing the concept.
  2. Mobilising a larger missions force.