Missionary Care

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Missionary Care (also known as Member Care) is a biblically based model for developing resilient, effective missionaries. This can be broken down into 7 areas of caring missionary support God intends for all missionaries (Rhoades, April 2004):

Savior Care

Savior Care (also known as Master Care). This is primary care given by God to each individual.

Self Care

Self Care - this is caring for ourselves. This is holistic care for the physical, spiritual, emotional, financial social and mental development carried out by the missionary themselves. This is about taking time to identify your own needs and making plans to care for your needs.

Staff Care

Staff Care (also known as Team Care). This is about caring for one another - it includes having good listening skills and how to identify the needs of our colleagues and those around us.

Shepherd Care

Shepherd Care is the care given by leaders. There are some key skills that every leader should look to develop, so that they can effectively care for the staff in their teams.

Structure Care

Structure Care is the formalized care that is put into place by the organization. This includes corporate gatherings such as organized worship and local corporate policy, such as holiday allowance.

Sender Care

Sender Care This is care by friends, family and churches. These are people, usually outside the organisation who help to support missionaries personally to provide finances, encouragement and practical needs.

Specialist Care

Specialist care is care given by specialized care givers for specific needs, such as counseling, medical advice and conflict resolution.