Measuring Job Performance

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"A goal without a plan is just a wish." - A. de Saint-Exupéry

How do we measure job performance? How do we know when the right job has been done in the right way by the right time.

It can only be done if the task was defined in a measurable way. And since it is often hard for one person to understand, let aloNe follow another's directions, it would be helpful to negotiate the goals. This also allows a greater sense of ownership on behalf of the 'worker'.

One helpful though slightly simplistic way of doing that is using the matrix of SMART goals.

Goals must be:


Measuring Stuff Without a Ruler!

To measure something you really need some fixed points. Measuring Job performance requires some fixed things to be compared.

Some fixed things from (most tangible to least):

  • Accomplishments (sales, projects, clients, students, grades etc).
  • Less Tangible Accomplishments (Team building, changing an ethos, Communication improvements) (put on a numeric scale from low to high).
  • Feelings (put on a numeric scale from low to high).

By measuring on one date and then re-measuring after a suitable interval (say 6 months), if you use the same scales then the difference of score for the less tangible things can show improvement or regression. That is useful information.

This means you can discover improvements caused by the leaders performance (by asking those led):

  • The quality and depth of prayer times.
  • The clarity and usefulness of internal communications.
  • The sense of connection to the Wider YWAM World.
  • Team Morale.

Accomplishments can always be counted and can be related to the relevance in relationship to the goals set.