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Marine Reach


After 5 months in Fiji the YWAM Marine Reach ship Pacific Link is back in its home port Tauranga, New Zealand. After six mission reach teams covering 12 port calls and 9,000 people reached by the gospel of Jesus Christ, the crew was welcomed home by supporters, friends and staff of YWAM Marine Reach.

After 17 years of ministry in the Asia Pacific region 185,000 people had been served directly by medical and surgical services free of charge. The recent trip to Fiji in the wake of the recent coup had brought hope and healing to 3,000 people directly and close to 10,000 people indirectly being affected by the different construction, medical and education programs conducted by the ministry there.

Last year Marine Reach also launched its newest vessel the "Next Wave" now operated by Marine Reach Europe to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ in that of the world.

Our hope and vision is to see 40 ships established around the world by 2025. If you feel called to a life at sea and presenting Jesus Christ tot his generation through medical, construction, and evangelism then this ministry is maybe for you.

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