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This document gives powerful practical tools for listening and involving people in the decisions that affect them. It is a survey of a range of tools for inviting groups into different sorts of conversations or dialogues. Hence it is a Map for Dialogue. More technically Mapping Dialogue Version 2.0 is a research project profiling dialogue tools and processes for social change.

These approaches can build unity and show how to collaborate irrespective of the size of the group. Take time to look through the Tools Section and you will find something there relevant and helpful to you.

It was originally available as a PDF but seems to be no longer available. We present it here in PDF form (below) and also split over a number of KB pages to aid readability. We hope you will find it as inspiring and useful as we have. Steve and Kev-The-Hasty

There seems to be some print copies now available: ISBN 0971231281. --Kev-The-Hasty 20:07, 10 November 2011 (CET)

Table of Contents


Our Assignment
How to Use this Document
About the Authors

Part I: Foundations

A Dialogue Dictionary
What is Dialogue?
What is Dialogue Not?
Foundations for a Dialogue Process
1. Purpose and Principles
2. Good Strategic Questions
3. Participation and participants
4. Underlying Structure
5. The Facilitator
6. Physical Space

African Conversations

1 Living Conversations
2 The Lekgotla
3 Drawing Lessons

Part II: Tools

Appreciative Inquiry
Change Lab
Deep Democracy
Future Search
The Israeli-Palestinian School for Peace
Open Space Technology
Scenario Planning
Sustained Dialogue
The World Café
Bohmian Dialogue
Citizen Councils
Communities of Practice
Deep Ecology
Dynamic Facilitation and Choice-Creating
Focus Groups
Graphic Facilitation and Information Design
Learning Journeys
Listening Projects and Dialogue Interviewing
Quaker Meetings
Socratic Dialogue
Story Dialogue
Theatre of the Oppressed
The 21st Century Town Meeting

Part III: Assessment

Assessing the Methods
Assessing a Facilitator
Where to From Here?

The Original PDF

The original "Mapping Dialogue" as PDF:

25px-Pdf.png Mapping Dialogue

About This Publication

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