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Welcome to the YWAM Knowledge Base
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Welcome to... the

Hey, we have moved the KB. Maybe you had noticed that we've been offline for some time. Due to some lack of structure we hadn't paid our yearly bill for running the website. So when you filled in, you got a blank page. When we noticed, the team got together (through e-mail) and discussed what to do. Payment wasn't an issue. Our concern went more in the direction of what will we do with the website. Continue or not?

KB Bubbles (small).jpg

Well, we waited. Who will notice? Does anyone miss us?

Some time did pass by. At some point people started asking, "Where is the YWAM Knowledge Base?" One said that he was asked by others multiple times, "What has happened with the KB?" Then we got a mail from the leadership of communication, they asked, "What happened? And what can we do to help?"

That is what we waited for.

And here is the result. The KB is back.

It is so good to hear that we are appreciated. As a team we have put a lot of work into building this website and it took a lot of each one of us. We really want to give this website a future. Knowledge has to be gathered and passed on to the coming generation. So we are glad that the website is back in its original form, and still a wiki.

In the time to come we will talk more about changes that need to be made. At this point the KB is back with its users. But for the future new input is needed. New people to build the website. A new design, maybe? Well, depending on our coming communication with the team of, we will see in which direction it goes.

And you, as a user, can help us out too. Let us know what you think, do you want to help, join in? Send us a message on Facebook or by mail.

Anyhow, welcome. Welcome back at the

- The YWAM Knowledge Base team

How to - Read a lot of hows

NEW DTS Promo's - DTS promotion videos

Update YWAM in Germany - Three new locations in the last years

Update Internet Protection - Put up a defense against sexual content online

Update List of schools in YWAM - Get an overview through this collection

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Peter Clemison
"Africa needs us to take time and learn from one another - the successes and failures of what your doing is invaluable. We love the YWAM Knowledge Base and embrace its values to assist YWAMers across the world with quality information to help them do their job."

We have a plan for translation into Non-English Languages. Could you help with translation? Or if you have YWAM files in a different language share them too.

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Shift toward Asia

Taiwan is one of these nations that has changed a lot and is still in the process of more change. Is there room to shift toward Jesus as well?

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Put shavingfoam on Our faces to be a target for flying cheesedoodles.


Crazy, Creative and Community. That's what it is when we jump into mud or put shavingfoam on our faces. Or playing a fanatic game of Settlers of Catan around a table. What about playing Wii, Nintendo or a RPG on your PC? Games connect and are fun. Or does it also stimulate too much living in a fantasy bubble? Well, use it with wisdom.. and try to beat your opponents in a loving way, more...
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