Leadership Integrity in YWAM

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How should we model integrity in YWAM?

Four Primary Areas of Focus for a YWAM Integrity Check

  1. Leadership direction
  2. Leaders relationships with God
  3. Leadership relationships
  4. Leaders Stewardship
    • Financial
    • Legal

If each was working like it should, this is how it would look:

Leader's Vision

  • You and your leaders have a clear vision and have room for the vision of others
  • Your ministry efforts contribute toward Kingdom Transformation in the lives of people and in the neighborhood, village or city in which you live.
  • All ministry is born in prayer and carried out in obedience to what God says to us

Leader's Relationship With God

  • You and your leaders model a growing relationship with God
  • You all take responsibility for your own growth and development
  • You and your staff share your faith with the lost regularly, regardless of role or ministry focus
  • You and your staff engage in Intercession regularly

Leader's Relationships

  • You and your leaders serve those you lead
  • Team leadership is in place or being developed
  • You and your leaders are developing others (and keeping succession in mind)
  • You and your leaders are regularly assessed by your leaders, peers and by those you serve
  • You cultivate an environment of accountability for yourself and among your leaders for the health and development of the staff
  • You model the YWAM values and attend International YWAM Family events
  • You collect information about the effectiveness and fruitfulness of the ministry and respond appropriately to that information.
  • You communicate effectively to all constituents

Leader's Stewardship - Financial

  • Money goes where designated
  • Students get great value for fees
  • No conflict of interest between personal finances and ministry finances
  • Good stewardship of assets
  • Responsible for the state of finances and financial accounts and reporting
  • Good relationships with donors
  • Sharing of financial responsibilities one for another
  • Give generously from all income
  • Up to date accounts
  • Independent audit or review
  • Do not claim expenses or other financial benefits that non- leaders would not be entitled to in similar circumstances
  • Transparent with staff, donors etc.

Leader's Stewardship - Legal

  • You have the appropriate legal frameworks in place
  • Compliant with the laws of your country
  • Properly constituted board with non- YWAMers, YWAMers, international YWAMers (about 1/3 each)
  • Where feasible, all ministry assets are owned by the YWAM legal entity
  • Board meets regularly and fulfils all statutory requirements.
  • Board members rotate terms
  • Board evaluates its performance

What If?

What are the statements that you would be able to make about the health and integrity of each of these areas if they functioned properly?

  • They are very fruitful for the Kingdom of God.
  • The leadership are in unity; the people God has given them are thriving; they "know well the condition of their flock's?".
  • The leaders exercise excellent stewardship of the financial resources God provides and has provided.
  • This YWAM base or other entity is legally sound.

How Can We Equip and Support Our Leaders to Lead in Ways That Are Consistent With These Statements?

We Need to Start With Ourselves

  • Agreement we are to work toward these ideals
  • Check one another to see how we are doing in relation to these ideals
  • Agree on a plan and process for a health check for leaders at all levels


  • What needs attention?
  • Why does it need attention?
  • What steps can you take to make the adjustments?
  • How, by whom and how often is your leadership evaluated?

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