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The Discipleship Training School is the only way to join YWAM - everyone must complete the DTS to progress further as a staff or student in YWAM! Hence, the primary purpose of a DTS is to make YWAMers!

Do the DTS first!

How do You Help a DTS Student to Join YWAM?

So how do you help a DTS student discern that ministry in YWAM is the place God is calling them too?

This is the responsibility of the whole DTS staff and YWAM centre staff the DTS is running at.

  1. Ensure that they know the above and NOT assume the DTS is training for them to just go back home! (even if that is what happens)
  2. Bond well
  3. Expose students to lots of ministry - that is what they will do in YWAM after all
  4. Expose students to the very broad nature of YWAM
  5. Find the most challenging things to inspire them to reach for - get them to stand on the map. DON'T simply meekly suggest that they stay on and work in the kitchen of the DTS...
  6. Career interviews are useful at beginning, middle, and end of DTS

Explain the Career Path

Work in YWAM
Anywhere » How to Get Sent by a Church» How to prepare e.g. Fundraising » How to apply to a YWAM Base
When in YWAM can dip in and out of U of N courses for further training on-the-job!


Carry on Study with U of N
Multiple places » Building a portfolio of study and possibly heading towards a degree