Job Outcome Guidelines for all levels of Leadership Teams

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This is currently a working paper. --Kev-The-Hasty 16:13, 23 September 2008 (CEST)

It should be used to help define job descriptions for leaders of teams at all levels in YWAM.

Job Outcome Guidelines

These guidelines have been approved by the GLT as a means of helping YWAM leaders and leadership teams to understand what outcomes (or results) they should be aiming for. No individual leader could satisfy the entire range of outcomes, but our objective is to develop teams that can aim for these standards. This is not a list of laws or requirements but the guidelines should be used to lead us into greater effectiveness. Each leadership quality listed is in alignment with YWAM foundational values and is consistent with the vision and goals into which we have been led. Please use these guidelines prayerfully and lovingly as a means of encouragement in your part of the family of ministries.

Spiritual Leadership - Spiritual Growth Towards Christ Likeness in All Aspects of the Mission

  1. The YWAM values personally embraced, modelled by the leadership team and imparted through the mission
  2. An environment created for worship, intercession, freedom for the Holy Spirit and openness to receive the word of the Lord
  3. Commitment to seeking God, hearing his voice and following through in obedience, personally and as a leadership team and encouraging those they serve to do the same

Visionary Leadership -- an Environment Developed for the Initiating, Adopting, Birthing and Releasing of Vision and Ministry

  1. The agreed words of the Lord/global vision processed through the GLT, lived out at every level
  2. An environment of faith and vision nurtured throughout the ministry
  3. Ministry strategies birthed through prayerful processes with the community and confirmed by the leadership team and communicated clearly to all
  4. All staff encouraged, authorised and enabled to develop and execute ministry
  5. Leaders released to establish new ministries in unpioneered areas
  6. Proactive cooperation and partnership with the broader body of Christ

Relational Leadership -- Functioning Effectively in Team and Modelling Care, Support, Accountability and the Development of Leaders, Staff, Students, Marriages and Family

  1. Unity and commitment to the local and global YWAM family encouraged through regular visits to ministries by the leaders responsible for them, involvement in gatherings of all YWAM staff and leaders and regular communication with them
  2. The release and development of YWAM leaders through appropriate and timely orientation, equipping, debriefing and delegating of responsibility and authority with the right level of coaching
  3. Encouragement and accountability to:
    1. leaders who serve you and who you report to;
    2. one another in the leadership team;
    3. those you serve and who report to you
  4. Different expressions of the family of ministries encouraged & appropriately linked to leadership teams to enable communication, cooperation and coordination at all levels.
  5. A leadership review initiated by the next higher level of leadership, on a regular basis to spur on growth, communication and ensure right placement in ministry.
  6. A leadership team functioning corporately through sharing responsibility and decision making according to the complementary mix of giftings, strengths, ages, gender, ethnic groups and family of ministries

Operational Leadership - Good Stewardship of All the Resources That God Has Entrusted to the Mission Implementing the Appropriate Legal and Financial Processes and Systems

  1. Integrity and transparency in financial accounting systems and all legal matters processed through leadership teams and legal boards as appropriate
  2. Wise development and use of a legal board (that functions and develops according to YWAM guidelines.)
  3. A resource list of people available for mediation and arbitration purposes for quick response to issues arising
  4. Systems developed for aspects of the overall functioning of the mission as required. For example: personnel, fund raising, staff care & development, communication, public relations, health & safety issues, etc...

Principal Leader of the Team

  • Establish the general point of contact
  • Convening meetings and formulating agendas
  • Taking responsibility for making sure the team is well chaired
  • Ensure representation from the leadership team for YWAM commitments, legal boards, significant events ...
  • Facilitate accountability for the roles of all members of the leadership team
  • Other members of the leadership team report to this person
  • Maintain a broad heart for the whole vision of YWAM
  • Have an aptitude for all four of the roles above to enable understanding of what is required
  • Responsible for seeing that team building takes place for the leadership team
  • Take primary responsibility for the recruiting of essential staff & leaders
  • A term of office of 5 years, that is renewable following a major review, is recommended for base, national and regional roles for geographic and family of ministry leaders.