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Who is Jesus

There are tons of different perspectives on who Jesus really is. Some things he is a good teacher from whom many wise lessons can be learned. Other think the complete opposite and declare him to be a mad man.

In his own days Jesus himself asked his disciples about who the people think he is.(Matthew 16:13-20) They respond by saying that they heard that he could be John the Baptist or one of the prophets like Elijah or Jeremiah. "So what do you think?" is what he asks his disciples. And Peter is quick of mind and shares that he thinks that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of living God.

Well, this question is still relevant for us today. Who do you think he is? A man of wisdom, a lunatic or the son of the Almighty God? You responds is important. Don't take this lightly. Even when you are following him already. Do you really know him? Yes, know him. Is he your friend, your lover and savior? You know he had many followers, but all left him.(Matthew 26:56)

So right after they left him. He was flogged and cruxified. He died and was buried. Is that the end? Of the wise man, the teacher. Or do you believe the account which we receive in the New Testament, that he indeed is risen after being in the grave for 3 days?

Can you tell me, who is Jesus?

Jesus Fanpage

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