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Welcome to the mainpage about YWAM in Ireland and Northern Ireland. On this page we would like to share about anything we have about this country. Anyone can share his or her experience here about visiting this location. Or if you are born here you can write anything that might be important for a foreigner to know, before they even come to the country.

Like Ireland is known for it traditional folk music and dances. It is green. And they have beautiful dark beer. If you like beer you should check out Belgium and Germany as well. If not, sorry we are all sinners. Did I already tell you that Ireland is green?

We put both Ireland and Northern Ireland together because of the close relationship of YWAM in these countries. Also because of the relationship of Catholics and Protestants, we like to see them both working together as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

To connect with YWAM in Ireland or YWAM in Northern Ireland check out the information here:

YWAM Ireland (Including Northern Ireland) - www.ywamireland.org - YWAM Ireland on Facebook
Locations and contacts in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Locations Ireland

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YWAM Dublin
YWAM Sligo YWAM Wicklow[1]
Family Life Resources

Locations Northern Ireland (UK)

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YWAM Belfast
YWAM Rostrevor
Sources, notes and/or references
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