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Indigitech is a ministry of Create International. It was started by Creates international directors Calvin and Carol due to their role as "International Coordinators for Contextual Resources" in YWAM International Frontier Mission (YWAMFM). In 2006 the website was re-designed from scratch.
The word "Indigitech" is composed of the 3 words "Indigenous", "Digital" and "Technology". The aim is to equip and educate missionaries / field workers with mission resources that are available on the Internet and how modern technology can be used in (frontier) mission situations (e.g. the use of portable media players to show evangelistic films or playing audio files that are associated with evangelistic storybooks), with a special focus on unreached people groups.

Website Content

Approaches and Methods

This section explains how audio and video technology can be used even in remote places. Where to get cassette players that are able to operate without any source of electrical power. How to recharge media devices if you are not staying in a hotel, etc.
There is also a section about contextualisation for cross-cultural mission situations. As well, as a giude to using the Internet for evangelism.


Links to audio, video, literature, Bible (print, online and software Bibles) resources. All in different languages for cross-cultural, contextual evangelism. One section provides about 30 freely downloadable evangelistic videos in various languages that can be played on portable media players like iPods, etc.

Case Studies

A number of examples and testimonies about cross-cultural missions. Including the use of the Jesus Film and Create's videos.

People Groups

Contains a list of websites that have gathered massive information about people groups from all over the world.

Special attention should be turned to the list of YWAM's adopted People Groups. This compilation contains more than 300 different unreached people groups that are adopted by YWAM Bases from all over the world. A profile can contain links to available online resources (e.g. Audio, Video, Literature, People Profiles, Other), depending on the online availability. Indigitech links to databases, articles, online stores, freely available resources, etc.
Links for these people group profiles can be added by any registered users.

Country Profiles

For more information about specific countries and regions of the unreached world.

World Religions

A great source to find more information about Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Animism.

The Future of Indigitech

The Internet is constantly moving. New sites come up, others disapear. Therefore Indigitech is a constant work in progress with new information added and links that need to be taken off. Also as technology emerges new ways, tips and tools on how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ are added.
The more people contribute the faster and bigger Indigitech can grow to assist those who are in need of resources, ideas and HowTo's.