Improving Communication with Sending Churches

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Many churches refuse to send their members to take a DTS because they have had a bad experience, or someone they know has, with YWAM in the past. I am talking about their members completely leaving the church to join YWAM as a missionary.

Some questions to ask ourselves:

  • How do we present DTS to churches?
  • What is our purpose and focus in offering DTS to their members?
  • What must we do to continue receiving students from local churches?

If a DTS grad joins YWAM, where will their prayer and financial support come from? Ideally it would come from the local church. Also, if we continue to destroy our relationships with pastors, we will end up with only YWAMers that were never involved in church, or, we will never get the numbers of workers we need in order to reach the world.

Some of the mistakes that are made?

  • Poor and unclear communication with pastors about the possibility of their members becoming missionaries following DTS.
  • A lack of commitment from students to their home church.
  • A failure to teach students the importance of their ongoing home-church relationship.
  • Not involving local churches and pastors in our schools.

Some ideas: