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We have recognised that in YWAM we need to multiply again and again the things we are doing so that more may be reached. To that end we need to know how to start successful new teams where we are already working and into places where we have not yet started working.

This page is all about some of the things it is important to do to start new teams. It is not everything you will ever need to.

Why and Where

The most common scenario in YWAM is that we sense a calling to a place or people or ministry and we look for ways to persue that calling. For example we are working as a small group leader on a DTS in Sussex. We make several outreaches in Reading. We get a sense of excitement with the outreach and feel it goes well. In prayer we feel the nudge from God to head to Reading to do something more permanent.

Team Work

Firstly it is important to note that what ever we are going to do we need a team of people to do it with! YWAM does not really recognise a single person doing ministry on their own: we value relationship and team work.

Whatever you are planning, find others to do it with!!! You will need at least three but a team of 6 or more is ideal and will last much longer. Remember YWAM has a high Churn rate and you will need to think how you are going to replace team members and also grow the team over the years.

However. What if no team members can be found initially. Does that mean the team shouldn't start? Does it mean that God can be ignored? Perhaps I should go anyway, obey God, trust Him and see what happens. If it is God, then things will happen?

Time Span

If you are going to do something good and valuable it will probably take a long time to do it. Generally, when moving to a new location it takes time to build up trust with locals, it can take ages to learn a language (if needed) and any ministry takes several years to mature.

If you can only contemplate a time span in months you are probably the wrong person for the job and so are the the people on your team, if they think likewise!


Scouting out the land



Being Apostled


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    Getting resources - see stolons
  • Arriving


Finding the Gaps

Doing the Work

Promoting YWAM

Not Dying

  • connecting along the roots
  • finding resource people


Where to From Here

Once a team is built and growing there is still much to do!