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Praying for Healing

Five steps in ministering healing to someone:


Answers the basic question "Where does it hurt?" Conducted on two levels.

  • Natural (empirical)---sorting out what they are saying according to past/present experience.
    • Sometimes more important to know WHAT KIND of person has the bug and not what kind of bug has the person.
    • Certain personalities will treat and respond to various conditions, in different ways---Can sometimes predict what kind personality will have what kind of problem.
    • As we begin to minister to people we will notice certain patterns with various personality types.
  • Supernatural---as the above is going to be listening to the Lord.
    • We can also operate in the supernatural realm through the gifts of the Spirit. Be sorting out in this realm as well. Receiving impressions by the Spirit.
    • No real pattern---Depend on Him. He will not do or say the same thing to everyone although you are dealing with the same problem.

Do not recapitulate yesterdays experience---we often think "now I've got it down pat"---try to take people through the same experience---Will not work! Depends on the Holy Spirit not on your old experience. God wants to do creative things each time. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!" Very effective Prayer.

The interview is not a medical interview (unless you are a physician). Medical history will not help you. We are merely trying to find out where it hurts---find out where the pain is. In the process of telling you where the pain is they may tip you off how they got the pain on the physical plain, and at the same time the Holy Spirit will tell you how they got the pain. You are looking for the ultimate cause: Why did this happen to this person? The interview has come to an end when you have established the above through the natural or supernatural means. The cause could be: natural, supernatural, social, emotional,or sin. Another aspect of the end of interview is when God has told you what to do. If God has spoken to you right at the beginning stop the interview right there.

A curse can be put on people---break the power of it.

Even a doctor can speak things over us, and we receive it, eg. "There is no cure; you will have to live with this for the rest of your life". Because the doctor is an authority figure his diagnosis can so affect us that we are locked into it---to no other alternative/we have sort of come under his authority.


What kind of Prayer do I need to pray for this person?

  • Towards God.
    • Ask for the spirits presence "come and rest on this person".
    • Ask for healing---Petition is simply asking.
    • Intercessory prayer---in tongues.
    • What is benefit of tongues?---Inner building up of my spirit. It's like an antenna going up and you are able to better receive signals from the Lord and if praying for someone is not going so well; step back and pray in tongues. In that process God often will speak---through impressions/discernment etc.
  • Prayer of command.
    • God will give you command of faith---can often come without you being able to stop it. (Must be initiated by Holy Spirit's Anointing.)
    • Pronouncement of faith---"Go home your child is well" also often comes before you can stop it.
    • The prayer of rebuke---by binding or through expulsion.

You will pray different ways depending upon the anointing so be sensitive to what God is doing. When you feel it, do it right then or it will pass by.

  • Prayer engagement---Answers the question: How are we doing?
  • As you are praying look for effects---Keep eyes open always! .... ask questions: Any tingling sensations; heat; muscle spasm; shaking; deep breathing? And we can know that God is at work and doing something by asking questions on both levels---Natural and supernatural.
  • The person may be so tied up because of hurts, sins guilt, etc. they may not be ready to be prayed for.
    • Then we need to focus on the things that are binding them.
    • Ask the Lord "What is hurting them, binding them?"
  • When do we stop praying?
    • When the person indicates it's over.
    • Stop when the Holy Spirit tells you to stop.
    • Must learn to turn off when the Lord says so.
    • Stop when you can't think of any thing else to pray for, then move on to the next person.

Post Prayer Direction

What must we do to keep our healing?

    • Sometimes, "Go and sin no more..." if sin was issue.
    • Sometimes supernatural revelation "Go and make peace with such and such."
    • Go home and read gospel about healings---let me pray for you again after that---underline verses on healing.
    • Encourage them, love them, and express acceptance and affirmation.

Five Ways a Word of Knowledge May Come

  1. Picture---a body part etc.
  2. News print---going across like telex.
  3. Impressions---word pop into mind...very fleeting and quickly. Must learn to tone down to hear and be bold to speak it out.
  4. A pain---that you know is not yours.
  5. Automatic mouth---when under anointing something will come out of your mouth before you can stop it.

Phenomenon That May Occur Before or While Ministering

Shaking, stiffening, change in respiration, falling, laughter, weeping, glistening (a glow over their face, below eyes, forehead), eyes fluttering, hot spots (or cool spots when in hot countries!), apparent drunkenness....


We must take out some of the mystique in healing by integrating healing into everyday life. Inner healing is easy to get into but physical healing means risk taking and putting our reputation on the line.

  • When you come into a sick persons house.
    • Don't just focus on physical healing (preoccupied).
    • Maybe their greatest need at the moment is to know you care for them and love them. Hold their hand.
    • We feel often if that person is not healed immediately we have failed.
    • We must be committed to pray for them over and over (at subsequent times).

Another aspect of coming to the end of an interview is that you do not have a clue. At that point do not pretend; be honest and just say; "I will pray for you anyway, maybe God will fix you even though I don't understand the root cause."

The Diagnosis

"Why does this person have this condition?"

  • In the natural it could be that they have contracted a disease; or could have hurt themselves. It could be a number of natural causes. Sometimes people are just sick!!!!
  • Sin could be cause:
    • Contracting disease as a result of immorality eg a girl who slept around contracted a disease. God still healed her and every time God gave me a vision of his mercy.
    • Things from the past that still control us.
    • Sins committed or sins committed against us---Molestation. Occasionally we may not be conscious of the experience and have suppressed it. But may still be controlled by the experience. Great care must be used here so as not to be involved in 'false memory syndrome'.

IT MAY TAKE 30 to 40 prayers sometimes before totally restored / to get really cleaned up. (John Wimber quote here: about the number of people he saw healed increased the more times he repeated prayer with them!)

  • It may be emotional or demonic.
    • Up to 80% of all illnesses may be psychosomatic!
    • It may appear as high blood pressure; stomach problems etc.
  • Social area---They may harbour ill feelings of resentment, anger or hostility. They may be dysfunctional in relationships.
  • Familiar spirits: Family attachments.
  • Or sometime a combination of some or all of the above. Reach out for the gifts of Spirit. It is often wise to fast; pray; meditate to silence our flesh because of all kinds of impressions that are not of the spirit. We silence it through fasting and prayer. If there is a spirit command it to manifest; it will start talking; tell it must go.