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HIV/AIDS is an issue for all of us.


These pages give the most up-to-date information on the subject of HIV/AIDS. Like what it is, statistics and history.

Definitions HIV/AIDS.
History of HIV.
Statistics on HIV/AIDS.
Stigma and Dicrimination on HIV/AIDS.

From YWAM Mercy Ministries:

YWAM HIV/AIDS Global Mandate
Get Tested/Get Treated

Other pages of HIV/AIDS


HIV/AIDS in Africa - The region which has to deal with the issue on a daily basis.


Aids - YWAM England recommendations Ministering to People with HIV and AIDS.
Staying Healthy on Outreach.


Check out this collection to get to know more about the subject, to read/hear peoples stories and to connect with other organisations.

Books on HIV/AIDS.
Movies on HIV/AIDS.
Organisations working with HIV/AIDS.

Old pages on HIV/AIDS


These pages are used within YWAM. It might be slightly out of date, although the most recent ones are the best. Here is most uptodate information.

HIV/AIDS 2007.
HIV/AIDS 2006.
HIV/AIDS 2003.