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Why should I learn the basics of the Greek language?

The New Testament was written in Greek. The oldest manuscript we have of the Old Testament is a greek translation called LXX (Septuaginta). Jesus himself didn't speak greek but as Greek more universally used (similar to the status of English today) Luke's Gospel was written in Greek, and Marc's Gospel probably translated into Greek.

When comparing bible translation and being attentive to the voice of the Holy Spirit, we can get close to what God really meant. But still I am happy that there are linguist and theology expert who dive into the details of the text. Yet, often you'll need some basic understanding of the grammar to understand their reasoning.

That's why Greek and Hebrew is often mandatory at bible seminaries.

Greek alphabet

Some letters are very similar to the english ones, but beware: H = Eta, P = Rho ...

Letters of the Greek Alphabet

Study course material

Basic study course PDF

Bible in greek