Good Name Pledge

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The Good Name Pledge

Affirming our relational links as a global movement called YWAM.

(This replaces the YWAM Licensing Memorandum of Understanding document)

The Pledge

Good Name Pledge

I covenant before God -- together with my brothers and sisters in YWAM --


Signed _________________________________ Date_______________________________

Witness: Signed _________________________________ Date_______________________________

Witness: Signed _________________________________ Date_______________________________

25px-Pdf.png Good Name Pledge (PDF version)

Advice from GLF

Regarding the Good Name Pledge - The GLF were encouraged to:

  • Communicate this Good Name Pledge to their YWAM circles of influence, networks, etc from the GLF summary
  • As we are regularly going through the YWAM Foundational Values and our covenants at our locations, orientation with new staff to include the Good Name Pledge.
  • Develop teaching, interaction, dialogue, conversation about the out workings of the Good Name Pledge.
  • Use the websites of YWAMLife, YWAMKB, local websites, YWAMpodcasts for downloadable copies or for those YWAM websites that have INTRANET - the GNP could be signed and kept electronically as well as other creative ways to share models and feedback of how this is moving forward.
  • This would be signed before God and two witnesses at a staff gathering, location meeting, etc and one copy given to your leader and one copy kept by the one signing (like the The Jubilee Covenant). These copies could be kept at a local or national level or regional or ministry level for 5 years and would be revisited / renewed every 5 years. Next renewal 31 December 2016.