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How and When do We Use the System?

In 2004 YWAM Dalarna (Sweden) ran its first DTS as a multipoint school - Their DTS partnered with the DTS in Lausanne (Switzerland). For 10 of the 12 weeks lectures we shared our classroom 'online' for about 20 hours each week. Each base had about 5 weeks of 'live teaching' and 5 weeks of 'remote teaching'. The school leaders were in constant contact with each other to process together what was happening on each location. During the outreach phase both schools joined together and students that had got to know each other 'online' were finally able to meet 'in the flesh'.

Without access to GENESIS the two schools would not have been able to provide the best quality lectures for pioneering their first DTS.


When pioneering new bases having GENESIS can bring strength to these new locations. You will not be 'out there' on your own but have access to leaders across the globe to meet with and pray with as if you were in the same room.

When starting a new DTS you will be able to partner with other schools and both share speakers and also receive the best teachers. Imagine having Loren and Darlene, Dean Sherman, Joy Dawson and Paul Hawkins all come to your very first school at your new base.

Imagine being able to 'drop in' to another base in another continent each week for base worship and intercession - to see and hear and receive 'fresh bread' in current news and prayer requests.

What Will it do for Me?

For speakers...
It reduces travel burdens.
It can multiply ministries - you can 'clone yourself' and teach in 4 schools at once.
For bases...
It can give access to speakers you just cannot 'get'. Not just about the cost but about availability.
It can help bless bases that do not have access to the quality speaker you have.
For Leaders
It can give you better quality access for meetings and conference calls. Not totally replacing your physical meetings but giving you more often times together when you can see and hear each other.