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Some things we have learnt:

  • GENESIS is much more than getting videoconference equipment on your base. This ministry was founded in prayer and having the right staff as a GENESIS facilitator is maybe more important than the equipment.
  • The GENESIS ministry needs to be 'owned' by the base leadership and supported by them.
  • The GENESIS facilitator is a kind of spiritual 'gatekeeper' who can facilitate (or block) the flow of what comes in and out of the classroom over GENESIS.
  • As much of GENESIS is related to serving YWAM schools it should perhaps be structured under the leadership of your training department. The GENESIS facilitator will need to work closely with school leaders in planning speakers and will also spend days (or weeks) in your classroom facilitating links.
  • As above - the GENESIS facilitator does not need to be a tech person, but a spiritually sensitive 'Man or Woman of God' walking in the fear of the Lord and not the fear of Man.