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What is GENESIS?

Just as the first book of Moses was about a new beginning... The UofN/YWAM GENESIS Centre is about new beginnings in learning styles and creating a new interactive classroom environment.

Is it just into videoconferencing?

GENESIS is a concept, not a tool. Videoconferencing is a tool.

Why do we need GENESIS?

"Today's technologies link us with people everywhere. Suddenly it is possible to meet without travelling. Seeing and hearing each other as if in the same room while thousands of miles apart is no longer a dream. GENESIS brings people together and creates a global classroom to learn from each other. The remote places are no longer isolated and they now have access to the best teachers. GENESIS gives a voice to the ones whose voice was not heard giving them  opportunities without boundaries."[1]

What about Skype or Ichat? Can't I use that instead of expensive gear?

Although GENESIS is not about any one specific technology, for the sake of getting the best experience from our GENESIS connections, we encourage the use of the internet (IP) H.323 protocol-based videoconferencing units (such as made by Sony, Tandberg, Polycom, etc.). Neither [Video_conferencing_with_Skype|Skype]] nor iChat are currently able to make connections using the H.323 protocol. Also, both Skype & iChat are only capable of making connections over the internet, whereas H.323 systems can also inter-connect to those using H.320 videoconference over ISDN telephone lines.

How to get started?

One good way to start would be to pray about finding one or two people from your YWAM location who could take the time to attend a GENESIS seminar or school to get trained. GENESIS is a ministry, so the people who are chosen need to understand that they are taking on a ministry.

What does it cost?

It depends on many factors: connectivity options (telephone, internet...), type of equipment to be purchased, among other factors. It would be best to contact a GENESIS coordinator near you to help you determine your costs. You can locate someone using the GIS (GENESIS Information System) by logging into & clicking on the dropdown menu for "More News" at the top of the page & selecting the GENESIS Information System.

Do we need training? We have a Tech Department that can handle techy things..

GENESIS is a ministry, not a department. GENESIS should always be about lifting up Jesus... not technology. Therefore, getting involved in GENESIS should be handled like getting involved in a new ministry. Any new ministry is best started with a solid Biblical foundation, which is what is learned by attending a GENESIS Seminar or the GENESIS School. It is strongly recommended that anyone interested in participating in the GENESIS ministry should complete a GENESIS training program. Please check hereto locate the next scheduled training opportunity.

What about translation?

Actually it works well with different languages in different places. You just 'send' the most common language and have local translation at each site. The local translators mic is not sent on the GENESIS feed so the remote site has a 'blank' space for giving time for local translation.

Is GENESIS just for techies?

No. Most of the guys and girls working with GENESIS would hate to be called techies. This is a key role for people sensitive to and listening to the flow of the Spirit. The tech bit is necessary but comes after the character bit!

Who is using GENESIS?

There are currently about 70 locations with access to GENESIS. And these are in all of the continents - from Argentina to Finnish Lappland! For a complete list of locations and coordinators, please login to and click on the dropdown menu for "More News" and choose GENESIS Information System.

Is it just teaching?

You need to experience a worship time on GENESIS!!! Or even the One Voice global worship event where a dozen nations across the globe have joined together for two hours of interactive worship. Intercession, leaders meetings and conferences are also possible. In 2000 we even had family and guests in Switzerland attend a wedding in New Zealand via GENESIS.

I have seen GENESIS at conferences and was not impressed with the video quality.

The most important question when dealing with a GENESIS connection that you should ask is... "Did God get through?" or "Was God heard?". It is inevitable that there might be issues with the connection because technology isn't perfect. But our God is, and He is able to work through even the roughest of connections. So it's important to always keep our focus on Jesus.


  1. Excerpt from About us