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The vision of GENESIS is to multiply Biblical teaching to every nation and make it accessible to the upcoming generation where the need is the greatest. It is a YWAM ministry that helps us connect interactively crossing boundaries and giving a voice to those that otherwise may not have one.

The concept is captured in this acronym:

G lobal
E lectronic
N etwork
E ducating
S erving &
I nspiring
S tudents

Here you will find people's contributions and opinions about GENESIS. The most significant contribution has been in sharing speakers between bases, often a continent apart, and in running a conference in several locations. Worship and intercession also work well with GENESIS. And while it has certainly been used to 'educate, serve and inspire' students, it is increasingly being used in other YWAM expressions.

GENESIS Overview - What is GENESIS and how does it work?
GENESIS Works - How and when do we use the system?
GENESIS Equipment - Where can I get it from and how can I make it work?
GENESIS Solutions - Here are all the things we have learned about making it work.
GENESIS Locations - Here are the locations and contact details.

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