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The Friendraising Workshop is offered by Terry Sherman to all YWAMers to help equip them in the area of personal fundraising. Terry offers an optional extra day to pass on the skills to reproduce the seminar (Train the Trainers, T3).

On this page you will find a current outline of the Workshop and homework that is usually emailed to the participants to be completed BEFORE attending! This page has links to the materials in order to send smaller email and also to introduce the material to a broader audience.

The material may be useful without the workshop, but it is strongly encouraged to find one near you to attend as the learning dynamic will be very helpful!  Terry has also created a "Crash Course in Fundraising" via email - ask her to send it to you if you can't attend a Workshop [1].

Another great option is to do the Online Course using this same content listed below: and

To get an idea of what happens during a Workshop, click here.

When is the next Workshop?

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General Outline of the Workshop

Day 1, 9:00 -- 17:00 the Kingdom View of Fundraising

  • Our journey in raising support
  • The spirituality of fundraising
  • The Biblical foundation
  • Understanding our hang-ups (wrong mindsets/strongholds) with fundraising
    • Dealing with the strongholds
    • What is the mammon factor?

Day 2, 9:00 -- 17:00 Essential Tools to Communicate Vision

  • Defining your passion/vision -- your personal vision statement
  • Presenting your vision
    • Make a presentation
    • Presenting your vision to the group
  • Role playing - inviting someone to partner with you

Day 3, 9:00 -- 17:00 Develop a Long-Term Plan

  • Becoming Faithful Communicators -- newsletters, emails, blogs, Tnt, MPD, etc.
  • Develop a personal support raising plan for full support
  • Accountability Partner
  • Create a Home Front Team

Homework and Reading List

Papers and resources will be circulated beforehand. Some Homework must be completed before the workshop begins!

  • Fill in 10 people you'd like to invite to support you on the Potential Partner list.

Optional Day 4, 9:00 -- 12:30 Train the Trainers

For those wanting to pass on the training to others - discussion orientated day.

  • Do first, then teach
  • Creating a Training/Coaching program at your YWAM center
    • Developing a long-term outlook/missions as career
    • Embracing support raising as a part of your ministry
    • Setting up accountability structures, and more still being developed.

Workshop Resources