Finding a Man or Woman of Peace

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The Man or Woman of Peace concept.

A Useful Concept

The concept comes from Jesus' instructions to his disciples when he sent them out in pairs to preach, teach and heal the sick. Luke 10:3-7 It was his advice in what to do when you come to a new town.

In the same way for us in YWAM many new teams have found great help from a person they ran in to early on in a new place. It is usually a local person with local knowledge, or contacts, or wealth/resources who is able to open doors for the new team. It may be that God always has a person or people who are keen to help. It certainly makes sense since God is at work everywhere and certainly is at work before we ever get there.

So practically: When you go to a new place pray and ask God to show you who is the person of peace for you!

I can't tell someone else's story with great authority but many of us have heard Lynn Green's story:

  • helping out at an evangelism tent(?) at the South of England show soon after coming to England. The people Lynn worked with became wonderful friends and opened many many doors, including the purchase of Holmsted Manor.
  • YWAM in Carlisle England have been greatly helped by being given a building to use by a local Christian family who go to the Base Leader's church.

Jesus told the disciples to go into a town and stay with people who responded to their message. If they weren't welcomed they were to move on. It seems to be the basic principle.

Perhaps You Could Tell Your Own Story Here?

I will write about finding the property we used in Plymouth at a greatly reduced rate when I have a moment! --Kev-The-Hasty 22:10, 8 July 2007 (BST)

The Person of Peace Concept

David Watson was very helpful. He introduced us to the "man of peace" concept. But how do you find a person of peace? They don't have a sign hanging outside house saying "a person of peace lives here"! We began to understand the principle that the man or woman or peace is the person who God has prepared as an entrance point a community. In India---and perhaps any culture---you need someone to introduce you the community, like the woman at the well in Samaria. The person may or may not become a Christian themselves, but they are the doorway in. Sometimes they are the people who ask more questions after we preach or after we show the Jesus film, or perhaps they are the people that defend us if there is opposition.

Church Planting Movement Consultation/Seminar in Ashland City, TN, September 6-7, 2006, Notes by Jim Egli