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Facebook is one of the top social networks online, with more than 175 million users worldwide and integrated translation into 35 languages, at time of writing[1] (March 2009). It's free to join, and available directly on the website, as well as through mobile applications. Facebook allows users to post status updates (similar to Twitter), write entries like blogs, share links and media with friends, promote events, sell and buy through classified ads, and use hundreds of customised applications for a variety of other things.

YWAM and Facebook

For Networking

Many YWAM'ers use Facebook to communicate with each other. You meet a lot of new people if you go to a DTS or a conference. And to keep track on all your new friends and contacts it is easy to ask them if they have Facebook.

On Facebook you can share pictures, videos and interesting links. There is also a chatbox. And you can start your own group of interest.

For Your Team/Ministry/Base

A presence on Facebook can be a great way to take your communication to where people already are, instead of making them come to you.

Some uses:

  • Keeping your staff and students on the same page.
  • Communicating with supporters of your ministries.
  • Recruiting people already on Facebook as staff, students, or members of your support & prayer team by exposing them to a taste of your vision and projects.
  • Easy way to share photos, video, blogs, and links with many people.
  • Promoting events.

Public Profiles/Pages vs. Groups vs. Private Profiles

Various YWAM works are represented on Facebook - but through different methods, which have different strengths and weaknesses. Normal profiles are what all user accounts have. Groups are created by users and generally have little customization options but are useful for generating user content and discussion. Pages or Public profiles are created by users on behalf of a brand, organisation, celebrity, etc., and are largely a combination of the benefits of the features of profiles and groups, plus some other useful tools.

Comparison chart
Normal profile Group Public profile/Page
Status updates
Discussion boards
Multiple admins
Mass messaging
Fan statistics
Advertising options
Invite friends/fans

Another benefit to the Public profiles/Pages and Groups is that it allows for proper capitalization (normal profiles will only capitalize the first letter of each word in the name).

YWAM Knowledge Base on Facebook

To encourage and promote the YWAM Knowledge Base you can find us also on Facebook.

Click here:

YWAM KB Facebook Group This is the first page of the YWAM KB started on Facebook. It is used for communication with YWAMers and others on Facebook. In a few months there were around 500 people part of the group. At the moment it is a bit on a return. That is why we started a new page to explore more how the Knowledge Base can be promoted on Facebook.

YWAM KB Facebook Page A page especially designed for fans of the Knowledge Base. You can join it by clicking on Like. Just as the group page there is room to post messages on the wall. A different feature with the YWAM KB Group is that the administrator(s) can write messages on the wall under the name of the YWAM Knowledge Base. Other features still need to be explored.

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