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A new innovation for YWAM staff is the Field Based School of Bibilical Studies (FBSBS).

This is a dynamic way for YWAM staff to participate in a fully accredited University of the Nations SBS that can be studied part time at your base or team location.

Each month of the residential school is extended to a three month module requiring about ten hours a week.

There is a set start time and finish time for each module with a module leader who will not only be a tutor and support throughout the module, but will also create community with the other students who are on the course.

The FBSBS is also ideal for whole teams to work on together or as part of an official base staff training strategy.

The prerequisites for the FBSBS are:

  • The successful completion of a DTS.
  • Active involvement in a YWAM base or team community.
  • Active participation in the base or team worship and intercession times.
  • The agreement of the base or team leader to release you for a day a week for the study.
  • Access to the internet and email.

It is estimated that about 10 hours a week will be needed to complete the work required; for some this might be more. It is expected that if the base or team leader releases the student for a day a week, any more time for the course would need to be found by the student from their 'own' time.

Successful completion of modules 1-3 is the equivalent to completion of CCM311 (first term of the residential SBS) and earns 12 credits with the University of the Nations.

The first three modules are being offered starting September (2008). For more details see the training link on or email



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What we have found, Last Updated March 2015:

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