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The subject of drinking a pint of beer, a glass of wine or something stronger is generally seen as an area that should be avoided. The YWAM KB likes hard topics like these, because it raises the question if Evangelism and Alcohol can be combined for reaching out.

Alcohol is a taboo in many locations within YWAM, but there are exceptions. In some countries it is more accepted and even normal to have drink with a meal or to go for a beer when watching a soccer game. In these countries it is more accepted that YWAMers are mixing with the culture and reaching out with a drink in hand.


Caution is needed though, especially with schools like the DTS. That is why every YWAM base needs to make its of policies of how to deal with alcohol, alongside of other things like smoking, drugs, etc. Boundaries need to be made, which are very important for the students. The schools are not meant to go for wild parties or to do things that are not allowed at home. Things can accelerate from one beer to getting drunk. So that is why wisdom needs to be used.

Another warning needs to be given about the why a base should ban alcohol. Every location needs to be clear on why they set this policy. One of the main reason is to not let a brother stumble, or someone who is struggling with an alcohol addiction. Another reason is to not display a sinners' mentality, esp. in regarding to the local church. The relation to the church is important. When you do evangelism, new believers need to be able to connect with a local church.

So is it okay to drink? Yes, it is, BUT be wise. Jesus is not condemning it, His first miracle at the wedding in Kana was to turn water into wine and He used a cup of wine at the Lord's supper. Of course this can lead to the discussion of what wine it really was, alcoholic or more like grape juice.

With this topic it is important to be respectful. People have different opinions. Use wisdom and remember to first love your brother above your own opinion.


www.aa.org Alcohol Anonymous(AA). How to deal with an alcohol addiction.

Your thoughts

I have found some men and beer times effective mainly at the -10-8 level of engel scale. I have found Garlic to be better - I do my best evangelism after eating garlic? Any ideas why???? Kev-The-Hasty