EuroCom Communication Principles

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Unfinished thoughts about EuroCom principles for communication. Taken from January 2008 meeting in Holland. We plan to develop these more in the future. For now they serve as food for thought!

  • What principles of de-centralisation should guide us? (YWAM is de-centralised) Where is the balance between de-centralized and one body? Where is it ok to be centralized?
  • We should always avoid creating bottlenecks in communication systems. Don't center around one or two people who's knowledge is irreplaceable or who's work time limits the ability to effectively operate. (YWAM values working in teams)
  • We should create systems that are easy to multiply so others can implement useful systems.
  • Security is important - there are YWAMers who should not be communicated to in an open manner.
  • We need to remember to "Mind the Gap" and be multi-lingual. We should not cause a separation for YWAMer's in poor situations or from different cultures.
  • Setting up communication systems and using tools with good critical observation and clear philosophy.