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What is Eurocom?

Network of communicators in Europe to serve the mission's communications needs involving core teams and network.

The purpose of a communication team is to serve in networking YWAM and help bridge the gaps caused by our decentralized structure. While YWAM does value its structure YWAMers also value the individual right to communicate. The goal is not to control communications but to network the efforts and use the resources YWAM has to further the kingdom of God.

We as EuroCom work with European leadership to network, research and communicate across Europe. Our desire is to serve YWAM Europe and bridge the communication gap. Though we may not all be professionals, we are using the skills that we have been given in the areas of writing, photography, video, web design, networking, programming, IT and public relations.


Help YWAMers network; strategic communication planning; story telling; equipping for IT and webdesign; offer communication training (BCW); Web hosting and providing practical tools to help YWAMers communicate.


Eurocom meeting, Jan 2008, Heidebeek.
European Communications (EuroCom) started in 2006 at the 3rd Communications Research Information Technology (CRIT) consultation called by YWAM International Chairman, Lynn Green. EuroCom is an answer to the Global Leadership's (GLT) desire to help heal the nervous system of YWAM. The GLT have advised that each field and region by the end of 2007 have a communication team in place.

Field Office Team (Core Team)

The purpose of the Field Office Team (FOT) is to keep the business going between EuroCom meetings. It is made up of ongoing facilitators, and should also be a resource group. The team will be located in one physical location made up of mostly full, but also part-time members. The FOT can also be made up of a few "virtual" team members who are not necessarily located in the same place as the rest of the team. The ideal situation is that the FOT is located geographically close to the European Field Leader. The team should be made up of several people. Some of the specific roles we would like to see in the team are:

  • Convener (who is the EuroCom coordinator) will be a networker with some IT savvy. This person will be a link to the field leader, and also a link to the International Communications Network (ICN).
  • Team Builder who can help the connection with the virtual team.
  • Editorial-type person to help support the team but also the Field Director.
  • Network Facilitator - Bridge builder: helping to create and coordinate the networks.

Each role can either be present as a job function for one person, or could be present on one or more people.

Connect with us

Website EuroCom: [dead link]

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