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The Education Faculty is all about teaching and learning. Both to children and adults. There is a huge need for teachers who can give a good Biblical foundation to anyone. This can be done through giving all the basics, like reading and writing. And even through solid Bible teaching.


With a degree there will be a lot of options to continue working in the area of sports and art. To find out more about getting a degree, click here: - Education Degree


International Dean: Mark Brokenshire.

University of the Nations
College/Faculty of Education
Mark Brokenshire, International Dean
1 Kent Road
Surrey Hills
Melbourne VIC 3127

Upcoming Schools

For the upcoming schools check out this link on the UofN website: - Upcoming Education Schools.

List of Education Schools

This is a list of schools that are part of this faculty. If it is not up-to-date you are allowed to add another school. Last updated: February 2015.

Or if you would like to see a full list of YWAM schools, click on this link: List of schools in YWAM.

Abbreviation Full School Name Faculties
CAR/CRS Children at Risk School Counselling & Health Care
ECE/SECE Early Childhood Education Education
FIE Foundations in Education Education
PCYM Principles in Child and Youth Ministries Education
... Teacher's Training Course Education
... I Teacher's Training Course Education
... II Teacher's Training Course Education
... III Teacher's Training Course Education
TFN Teachers for the Nations Education
TITUS Titus project Christian Ministries