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Evangelism & School of Evangelism

What Are E-Teams

It`s short for Evangelism Team.

"We work to bring the truth of Christ to the hearts of young people in a way that is relevant to what people are facing and confronted with on a daily basis. Our vision is to see hundreds and thousands of young people get fired up for God and go across Europe to share the gospel. Europe is rapidly becoming the least reached continent in the world. We want to envision and pioneer new ways for people to experience and to know who God is."


  • We want to see a 1000 new ETEAMS and Churches across our continent.
  • To pioneer new ways for people to experience and to know who God is.


We`re re-pioneering YWAMs "Schools of Evangelism". We want to train people up in Biblical values and providing opportunity to explore and find relevant methods to the specific gifts and talents of the individual. We encourage our students to step out into God`s plan and pioneer something new.


Every ETEAM is actively involved in mission, both taking people on mission trips, as well as sending people out.


"The heart and vision for the ETEAMS was to create opportunitis for Christians to be involved in evangelism in an effective, simplistic way."

Some E-Team History

Yan and Claire Nicholls pioneered the first ETEAM in the year 2000. They were joined by Natalie Edwards and Charles Reed shortly after. They started off with a small evangelism team that focused on primary/secondary schools, universities and national mission projects. At its peak, the ETEAM consisted of 14 people. Since than it has gone through a transition and is now focused on training and developing other teams. Yan Nicholls is still pioneering national projects for YWAM England, and continues to develop the staff who run the Schools of Evangelisms around Europe.

How to Have an E-Team

If you want to have a E-Team on your YWAM base, send some of your people to the SOE! The best would be to have some of your own staff (or students), who have the passion and vision to get the training to start a team.

The SOE in Skien has the focus in setting up E-TEAMS, so just contact them. www.ywamskien.com/soe

  • If you have no people, but still want an E-TEAM:
    • Look at your the DTS-students you have.
    • Encourage them to think about it.
  • If you don`t have any students at all, contact the SOE in Skien anyways. They might be able to help.

Where is There E-Teams Now?

Currently there are 3 E-TEAM locations: