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Ministering Deliverance

Two thoughts to start with---there is no such thing as an easy method or formula and the key is always going to be total dependence on the Holy Spirit.

The Ministry is for Christ's Disciples

It is a Messianic fulfillment---Luke 4 Matthew 8:16-17, Isaiah 53, 61.

It is for those who:

  • Have caught the compassion of Jesus. Mark 3:13
  • Have been commissioned by Jesus. Luke 9:1-2
  • Know their identity in Christ.
  • See what the Father is doing. John 5:17---21
  • Have a relatively stable life.
  • Are learners. Can't walk around with a 'bag of tricks' with all the answers.
  • Are obedient to Christ's commands.



  • Classical
    • Violent reaction to the presence of the Holy Spirit, the Name of Jesus or mention of the cross/blood of Jesus.
    • Reactions may include---Swearing; physical acts such as running away; flip-flopping; foaming or fighting.
    • Speaking with another voice.
  • Common
    • In the presence of the Lord unusual eye-roll back.
    • Localizing pains or chills.
    • Desire to flee; voices of threat; certain violent shaking.
    • Sudden sleepiness.
    • Abnormal behaviour such as outbursts of anger; talking to self; extreme fluctuation of mood etc.
    • Addictions to drugs; Alcohol.
    • Compulsions such as lust, fornication, pornography, perversions, homosexuality, stealing, murder, lying, suicide, gluttony, etc.
    • Overwhelming abnormal emotions such as fear, depression and anxiety.
    • Controlling negative attitudes such as rejection, unforgiveness, bitterness etc.
    • Sickness, especially if chronic, runs in the family of ill timed.
    • Conditions causing fatigue, loss of sleep, (insomnia).
    • Occult involvement; or cult involvement.
    • Disturbed family history (i.e. divorce; child abuse; alcoholism etc).

Some Things to Remember

  • That most demonisation takes place at levels of influence far below the inundation of the Gadarene case. We must be sensitive to diagnose at all levels.
  • That not all symptoms that may look demonic are demonic. Almost all of the symptoms listed could have other causes.
  • That most people claiming to be possessed are not usually.
  • To get as much information from as many sources as time permits and is necessary (family, doctors, psychiatrists, your church leaders etc.


The most effective diagnosis comes from the Holy Spirit through the gift of "The distinguishing (discernment) of spirits". 1 Corinthians 12 This gifting is given through situational "anointing" at the time of need and may develop into a ministry gift. This gift helps differentiate the workings of the Holy Spirit, Human spirit and demonic spirits. This gift can come in various ways.

  • Felt sense of evil influence.
  • You can see the evil in your mind's eye.
  • You can see a visualization: shadows over face, and area of the body.
  • Through looking into eyes: lust, anger, self pity.
  • You receive knowledge.
  • You just know---most common way!!!!!!!!
  • Discerning the work of the Holy Spirit: Seeing the anointing of a person in the natural realm (i.e. people are drawn to the person who's anointed).

What About Manifestations

There are not always manifestations!!!!! Some argue: If Jesus were here, no noise, they would come right out. Mark 1:26 Mark 9:26 Acts 8:7 Mark 9:20 (often manifestations). Mark 5:1-20 v.8 Jesus had to repeat His commands (Elegen-translated---he had been saying (NAS) is imperfect active indicative. The kind of action the verb has, is that of continuous action past---time no indication of beginning or concluding action. He kept saying "Come out, come out" v.9 He had to ask for the demons name.

Common manifestations when power of God comes down:

  • Eyes roll back sometimes.
  • Contortions: Mouth contorts, can't speak very well---area of insanity in the family---can manifest by contortions around mouth.
  • Countenance revealing: loneliness; anger; sorrow etc.
  • Yawning---abnormal stretching.
  • Nausea.
  • Deep coughing.
  • Screams most often however, suppressed emotions.
  • Respiration---but can be just the power of God upon them.
  • Stiffening.
  • Pains in head or other parts of the body (sudden pain).
  • Pressure in chest.
  • Tingling sensation in hands---often related to lust.
  • Some acquiring as well as noise seems to be part of expulsion/if too much rebuke spirit. "Stop it that's enough"---make sure person understands you are talking to demon!

Preparations for Ministry

Personal Aspects.

  • Speak out scriptures reminding yourself!
  • Prayer and fasting---Gain confidence that have been commissioned. Mark 16
  • Clear relationships (mate, church leaders).
  • Secure in that Father loves you---no need to fear. Luke 10:19

Team Aspects---mixed Team

Jesus prays "Our Father" rather than "My Father". Deliverance prayer whenever possible should be the prayer of a community rather than an individual. Praying deliverance prayer alone invites the dangers of less power, weaker discernment, and possible physical harm.


  • Keep eyes open when you minister.
  • Collective gifts.
  • Collective observation.
  • Rest.
  • Protection.
  • Follow up.

Teams Require Team Work

  • Recognising who is the leader.
  • Recognising where the anointing is.
  • Remaining free of inner strife---We won't always have the answer, sometimes we are just a support during time of ministry.

Warfare awareness.

  • The fear factor---scare tactics of the enemy through violent outbursts.
    • First experience may be traumatic.
    • Fear of failure.
    • Threaten the family.
    • Unbelief.
  • The falsehood factor---demons play actors; like humiliating people; hallucinations.
  • The fatigue factor---Do not interact with demons---They like talking.
  • Beware of pressure: "I must set this person free....I must look good---stirs up carnality.
  • In public or private.
    • Jesus did it mostly in public.
    • Often in public meeting the anointing is greater just after the teaching of the word.
    • However..... Often by taking person out relieves the pressure of "I have to deal with it" when the person really needs to open their heart first or deal with sin first.
  • Beware of evasive tactics of demons:
    • Lying---smoke screens.
    • Mocking spirit; spirit of confusion; dumbness / often hold up the process of deliverance.


  • Let them seek the Lord first to get understanding.
  • Prepare themselves in prayer and fasting, the word---softening the ground.


After initial diagnosis, discernment, if situation permits. Explain personal responsibility, "Christ can set free, but only if he is willing to be free".

Initial Ministry "Crowding a Spirit Out"

  • Leading a person to:
    • Receive salvation.
    • Repent of sin in specific problem areas.
    • Renounce the sinful activity and its benefits.
  • Pronouncing them forgiven.
  • Breaking the power strongholds.

Invite the Holy Spirit to Come Upon the Person and to Target Areas of Need.

Expulsion "Commanding a Spirit Out"

  • Treat the person with dignity. The highest call is to minister love.
  • Be sensitive to anointing---maybe someone other than you has it.
  • Maintain eye contact---The eye is the window of the soul. Matthew 6:22
    • Demons do not like to look you in the eye.
    • If demonic presence pupil often dilates; eyes roll.
    • Command them to look at you.


God may lead you to use other words...only as example:

  • "If any works of darkness come into the light / Manifest!"
  • "I bind you ... (rebuke) if violent manifestation (Means to muzzle you)"
  • "Stop it, that's enough"
  • "I silence you in Jesus name"
  • "I command you to identify yourself..."
  • "Come out in the name of Jesus"
  • "I break the power of........"
  • "Lift from this child of God now"
  • Beware again of their hiding techniques and the possibility of multiple demons. Some spirits leave in a mild almost unobservable way while others seem firmly stretched where you need to find the key to release (further repentance; deep inner wound; a curse; sin of another generation; vow etc).
  • Sometimes the demons will leave sooner if person himself commands them to leave.
  • Body dedication Romans 12:1-2 feet, hands---the entire body---if any works of darkness is still remaining it will then sometimes manifest.
  • The person himself usually knows when the demon is gone.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would fill and cleanse the person.
  • Believe the Lord for a prophetic word to encourage them.
  • They need to know the assurance of God's acceptance---(do not label people) i.e. schizophrenic; rape victim etc.
  • Loving relationships around them is imperative.
  • Prepare them for possible counter attack by the works of darkness. They may still be vulnerable in that area.

If there is a hold up.

  • Look at their own will---Do they want to come free.
  • Do not take on the responsibility yourself for their freedom---that's heavy!!!
  • Demons tie themselves often to guilt; unforgiveness...Take them through 7 steps of forgiveness.
  • Remember also that Satan is the accuser of the brethren.

Other Comments

  • After ministry often a feeling of low in both the one ministering as well as the person receiving ministry.
  • Attempts at categorization:
    • Temptation---often the flesh---but can also be demonised beyond the flesh.
    • Adultery---sudden surge of demonic temptation.
    • Oppression---Attacks / Brings negative results; hang on us; fears, lies' uset stomach, accusation.
    • Infestation---Inside the person.
    • Possession---Very extreme case.