Definition of a YWAM Operating Location

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Definition of a YWAM Operating Location (Op Loc)

According to Colorado Office of Communications an Op Loc would be defined thus:

  1. Physically and financially[1] separate from other YWAM Locations
  2. Recognised leadership by the senior YWAM Leadership over the area
  3. Permenant YWAM presence. Not a temporary location, organised say for an event.

Comments From Others

  1. I would be tempted to add a fourth point that alludes to working in a team context... more than two people (attrib to Stephe Mayers? Carl Tinnion?)

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  1. This definition strictly speaking would make YWAM England one Op Loc as there is only one bank account for the mission! "Financially non-dependant" might be a better definition. Kevin 7/11/2008