Decentralized Structure of YWAM

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YWAM has a decentralised leadership structure. In fact there are only legal entities at national level. There is no overall legal body. YWAM is held to together then (in one sense) as a movement of smaller groups, bound together with shared relationships, values and goals.

Some pages that may help you to get to grips with the structure of YWAM

Who is who in YWAM.
Who is YWAM Staff?
YWAM Web pages - Non-exhaustive list of many major ministries of YWAM and National Ministries (please add yours to it if missing!) - The official main page for the mission.
YWAM Leadership in the 21st Century - Iain Muir's reflections on the style of leadership YWAM requires for the 21st Century.

General theory and reflection on decentralised leadership

Swarm theory and leadership in YWAM - interesting blog post here: (republished from
Starfish and Spider - A synopsis of this interesting book about decentralised leadership structures.
Distributed Leadership.