Cross-cultural marriage in missions

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Cross Cultural Marriages in Missions

Where do you find the most number of cross-culturally married couples in a single place? In my opinion, you will find them in YWAM. Just now, I thought YWAM stands for You Want Alien Marriage? Kidding aside, I would like to expand this page on which anyone with cross-cultural experiences or observations can freely contribute their insights.

I am Domie Capias Jr. (Filipino) and married to Dolly Bogi Capias (Indian).

Hints and Tips for a Good Cross-Cultural Marriage

Make sure you are grown-up before you contemplate this, the tensions and stresses will be difficult to bear without it.

Couples With Cross-Cultural Marriages

Please feel free to add your info to the list.

  1. Domie Capias Jr. (Filipino) married to Dolly Bogi Capias (Indian)on Feb. 15, 2002.
  2. Juan Manuel Ocampo (Colombian) married to Daniele Sass Ocampo (Brazilian) on April 5th, 2008.
  3. Richard Oostrum (Dutch) married to Sara dos Santos (Brazilian).

Article in Response

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