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Create International is an international ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) that specializes in the production of media tools to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups. Create International was formed in 1987 and now has centers in Perth, India, and Thailand.


The vision of Create International is to communicate the message of Jesus Christ in ways that people can understand from their cultural and linguistic background, using tools that can be widely circulated. This includes the use of dramatic films, evangelistic artwork, websites, and indigenous music. Create International also produces documentary-style people group profiles as well as missionary training video's. As of 2007, Create International had produced films for over 35 different people groups. 

Evangelistic Films

Create International's dramatic evangelistic films are unique due to the level of contextualization represented in each film. Each film is made in a culturally relevant setting whilst remaining faithful to the Bible. In this way they are to communicate the gospel in a way that can be clearly understood by the people group the film represents.

Streaming Videos

Due to the help and support of a business man Create International is privileged to have all their evangelistic films streaming on the Internet for free. This is a great approach for the ministry to share the good news with the unreached world.

Video People Profiles

Create International's video people profiles are 15 to 20 minute documentaries that focus on a specific unreached people group, covering their history, socio-economics, demographics, as well as their religious customs and spiritual needs. These video people profiles have been used worldwide in (church) gatherings and amongst missionary organizations to facilitate informed prayer and missionary work amongst the peoples.

Church Planting Films

As part of their training video's, Create International has produced a number of films that give an example of a contextual house gathering that can be used to equip church planters. Models for starting family gatherings, inviting neighbourhood friends for prayer and study of the Word together, responding to seekers' questions, and raising up other leaders are illustrated in these films.

Music Videos

This is a fairly recent deployment for Create international. The potential to reach a large audience is enormous. These videos are suitable for both, evangelism and mobilization.

Voices From the Frontline

A series that challenges and invites at the same time. These are testimonies about ordinary people who followed their call into missions.


During their many travels to the unreached of the world Create International has gathered a large stock of images. The best of them are compiled with different focuses (Country, Geographic, Religion, Special) and are available for purchase.



Websites can be used for evangelism in many different ways. Create International uses the approach of the spiritual hungry to know more about God. The websites use cultural relevant symbolism and wording to explain the gospel.


During a project many resources, information and needs are gathered and some of them are compiled in a website that mobilizes and informs the body of Christ about a specific people group.


Create International produces 2 podcasts. CalCast is about the ministry and its work. GNN -- God Network News informs about the many interesting news that are not shown in main stream news programs.

Online Store

Everything that Create International has ever produced is available in their online store. Once purchased evangelistic videos can be freely copied to hand out for evangelism purpose. The images on the PhotoCDs can be used for newsletters, websites, etc without further royalties. Only appropriate credit to Create International is required next to the images.

Indigitube (formerly indigitech)

Indigitube is a ministry that aims to provide information and resource for missions as well as information on how to use modern technology in cross-cultural evangelism.
See the main article about Indigitech.


Evangelistic Art

Storybooks can be used to share the gospel in a cultural relevant way. Therefore Create International is carefully researching the meaning of color, symbolism and painting style.


All of Create International's ministry locations provide training (Training) to obtain the skills to produce cultural relevant evangelistic material, including the School of Frontier Media (SFM) and the School of Cartooning and Animation for Missions (SoCAM). In fact many of the productions are made during the outreach phases of these programs.

Both the SFM and the SoCAM are YWAM 2nd level schools which requires a completed DTS.

Future Projects

Create International is committed to continually produce relevant evangelistic, church planting and mobilisation resources. Therefore production teams are sent out from the various locations approximately 3 times a year.
Create International is also committed to use the latest technology for evangelism. As new technology emerges Create International is evaluating how it can be used most efficiently and support their media productions so that it can be used in as many ways as possible.