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Summary Page of Conference

Brussels Consultation Summary

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Tuesday Night

Welcome and sharing our passions and who we are.

Patrick led worship on the theme of Hope. We shared stories of God's Hope acting in our lives. Patrick sang "Rainbow of Hope"

Wednesday Notes

Psalm 105 - meditation and sharing on the Psalm

10h00 Prayer time

Steve's word for Jonny C. Jonny in the middle of a no-mans lands getting shot at from both sides. Jesus comes and wraps himself around jonny protecting and receiving the crap being kicked out of him. Then finally Jonny able to stand and walk around without being hurt and harmed.

Jonny responded affirmatively and talked about how he longed for the #day when he could move and walk in the midst of these difficulties, walking between people who are hurting, Christians hurting each other. We decided to pray for Jonny.

Yan: remembered going up to help Richard lay a floor before his DTS. Helping and serving each other is a part of supporting each other. We need each other.


YWAM: one word that describes us - multiplication

We started by asking ourselves the question:

What is God saying to us about:-

  • Evangelism?
    • Break the term - much more about our lives, about being amongst people
    • Being Jesus with "skin on"
    • Having a life and wanting to share Jesus!
    • Non-Christian people are not projects!
    • Paradigm shift: people in an office for many years and out of touch with people
    • 1 Thess 2:8 Paul shared not only God but lives with Thessalonians
    • What do relevent churches look like?
    • Intensely relational, genuine and not fake! Going to DO evangelism is a bit non-real and more similar to selling and marketing
    • Can't make out principles more important than people
    • Expectations on non-Christians to do what you want them to do to please our pride ("Yes! Now I want to become a Christian!") and not let people grow bit by bit.
    • Start lots of new churches - meet in the cafe and bar and see what grows... What is working?
    • Need to think long term - taking time to invest in people in YWAM and without so. Helping people over the "I'll do my God bit for a year" lie! The lie of Judas - "this is too much, what a waste pouring your life on peoples feet". Helping people deal with the 'routine'!
    • TIME - we need people to take time and give people our best time.
    • Lauren Hill "What people want is fantasy but what they need is reality"
    • 6 months with YWAM is not enough... we are prepared to invest for 3 years or more...
    • Helping people in the mundane, discipling them in the mundane, helping them to live, helping them when they get depressed. DTS is pressed and stressed and programmed and afterwards how do we get them to live in a daily way. Are we feeding the entertain me culture?
    • Struggle for us in YWAM is to meet non-Christian friends - hard enough to meet non-YWAM Christians. Hard to CARE
    • Christians on the whole and also many YWAMers do not know how to do relational evangelism and relational discipleship with new Christians.
    • SUMMARY Convergence: to help people to live out their daily Christian life, with people etc.
  • Europe?
    • How can we reach people in a post-catholic Europe?
    • What is it like in Anglo-Saxon Protestant Europe? (Britt says good!)
  • New teams?
    • How do we multiply well?
    • Is it really a strategic goal? How do we make this strategic as YWAM?
  • Training leaders?
    • Do we give people to management skills they need?
    • Can we do training for new team leaders that really helps them grow?
    • Letting young leaders go and let it go their own way ? Giving space for failure. Leadership needs a broad support for the new leaders to go out and provide a strong challenge to get out and go.
    • Leader going with new teams - leading and coaching well.

"...the more I considered Christianity, the more I found that while it had established a rule and order, the chief aim of that order was to give room for good things to run wild." G.K.Chesterton in The Paradoxes of Christianity