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In order to write a good story Journalists know they have to get their facts right. They often ask Who, What, When, Where, Why and How (W5H).

The very same questions are at the heart of this audit and planning tool for communications. The tool splits communication into internal and external.

Suggestions for How to Best Use This Tool

The w5h tool is just a helpful piece of paper!
This tool will not really make much difference unless YWAM leaders are involved in the process and they commit to greatly improving communication in YWAM and to the general public.
A completed W5H strategy

Beware! Don't waste your time on this tool if there is no overall understanding of the need for leaders to devote a higher percentage of their focus on communication than previously.

  1. Set aside some retreat time or a significant time (or series of sessions). We recommend 2 full days.
    • Why not find a nice quiet place for a couple of days. Ensure you enjoy good food and quality time together. Some body ministry is important too.
  2. The outcome of the time should be:
    • to have completed the W5H grid
      • Who - Who do we need to communicate to and make sure we hear from?
      • What - What do we need to communicate?
      • When - How frequently?
      • Where - In which sphere, field, territory?
      • Why - What do we want to achieve? How will we know if we have been effective?
      • How - Which medium is best to use?
    • a clear plan of action to implement the changes needed - concrete steps!
    • a date to review progress needed (6 months/1 year etc). If you want to send this to EuroCom we would be happy to help by reminding you of the next date for review!
    • a deeper sense of solidarity with the wider YWAM body

There are lots of ways to achieve the outcome. Here are some suggestions:

  • Brainstorm a list of the very best communication you have achieved. Make sure you build on the successes for the future. This is called Appreciative Inquiry
  • Take time to pray and worship - perhaps the Lord wants to speak to you about your communication
  • Make lists of things you are not sure you know enough about for future research (the W5H tool is not the end but a way to start improving) such as possible technology, whether a current strategy is working, whether your assumptions are valid.
  • Once the grid is looking full spend some time looking for "Gaps".
  • Have a "low hanging fruit" session - look at what is easiest and simplest to implement first.
  • Have a time of dreaming: Imagine what your YWAM base, region or field could be like with great communications.
  • Communication problems are mostly due to a wrong ethos in an organisation. Changing the the communication culture of your base is hard work but you could devise a programme to bring about change.

It is hoped that these suggestions will prove fruitful. Do not hesitate to call on the EuroCom team for input, advice and facilitating sessions like the above.


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