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Who on This Earth Would Receive the Gospel Most Readily?

The answer for all of us who have done any missionwork, DTS outreach or even just have lived as active Christians in a neighbourhood is obvious: Children and needy people.

Some Basics

When I teach seminars, DTS or SOE, I often ask the crowd how many of you started to follow Christ before age 14 - the hands raised amount to about 60-80%. And of course, we can see in the 2000 bibleverses about children, that the Lord has created children with soft hearts. Why? Because their parents are meant to teach them the ways of God while they are young, so that when they leave the home they will be ready to meet the world and change it for and with God, and not be changed by it into its norms.

I have even heard the statistic that 80% of all missionaries had set their mind on missions before age 14 - but do not have a source to back it up. Still interesting, though. This is the way the Lord has created life - childhood first. Please read Deuteronomy 6.4-9. Right after the most central verse in the Torah, Love the Lord your God - comes something really close to the heart of God. You may be surprised.

Jesus is just as passionate about kids. Read Matthew 18.1-14. Talk about passion!

If we want to see a radical change in the decline of Europe's Christian base, we need to aim lower. Check out this video:

Further Thoughts

If you would like to learn more about this, I encourage you to read the CEF book called Child Evangelism. You can order it for free at this webpage by Child Evangelism Fellowship, CEF.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here in Norway, we are a team at the Grimerud Base just 2 hours north of Oslo, our email adresse is

To be continued...