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Idea: Facebook Article

As of recent, I have been thinking about the ways that Facebook can be used in YWAM for both formal and informal communication. I'm thinking of writing an in-depth article on using Facebook in general, as well as using it in our context. However, there would be much more content in such an article than in the guide I recently wrote. Therefore, I propose that we break the content of such an article among several interested people. Would anyone be interested in working with me on this?  -- <a href="">crashsystems</a>

Hi Douglass. Love to help, although I don'y use Facebook other than for throwing fish at people etc. I am interested in the mash up and group stuff though. I will help wherever. Why don't you write a structure and I will see where I can contribute? I am interested in where Google's Open Social will take us - Facebook is closed and this is a proposal to make things much wide and open. --<a href="User:Kevin">Kev-The-Hasty</a> 11:34, 28 December 2007 (CET)
Thanks for offering to help Kevin. When I get a bit of time, I'll create a page for the article, and add an initial outline to it. Meanwhile, a bit of good news: I've been in contact with Facebook recently, and they have agreed to make an organization network for YWAM. This will make it very easy for YWAM'ers around the world to connect via Facebook.  -- <a href="">crashsystems</a>