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Worshipping God

Our Call to Worship God

To worship God and to call others to worship Him would be the more detailed description of what we as YWAMers aim to do. Our mission motto is: to know God and to make Him known. Many people know about God but really "knowing" God would inherently mean that once you do know Him, you would worship Him.

Worship is more than singing songs - it is making God central to life itself. This becomes the purpose of our lives and our life focus but also a day-to-day choice to place God first. Essential to this lifestyle of worship is hearing God's voice and developing a personal and intimate relationship with Him as He intended through the demonstration of His son's life.

Psalm 103 begins with "Praise the Lord, o my soul" - as the psalmist, David, speaks to his own soul, awakening worship to God in every circumstance. This book and indeed the entire Bible contains this same lesson - our choice to worship God daily.