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What is CRIT?

CRIT is YWAM's international Consultation on Communications, Research and Information Technology. Between 2006 and 2011, CRITs were a joint initiative of YWAM ICN & ICT. In 2007, (CRIT) was be held from 7-12 May in Lonavala, India (outside Pune). Building on the progress made in the three previous CRIT gatherings: The purpose of this meeting is to bring together key players in YWAM communications, research and IT from around the world to dramatically transform the communications landscape in Youth With A Mission.

The Format

CRIT is a consultation, not a conference. As such, expect much informal interaction during our time together. While there are large group times, these will revolve around discussing and processing information together. You'll also have the opportunity to pick from a variety of "tracks" that focus on central communications issues within YWAM. During those times, you'll meet in smaller groups to discuss issues related to the topic as well as come up with strategy and action points for the next year. Built-in times of prayer and worship will invite God's presence and leading into everything that takes place during the consultation.

The overall objective of the CRIT meetings is to hasten the process of healing the nervous system of YWAM. In past CRITs, progress was made simply by developing friendships and collaborating around different projects. The 2006 CRIT brought key outcomes, including the formulation of a working Vision, Mission and Values statement for the CRIT network (please return to this site for updates), and honing in on strategy in the different track discussion areas.

CRIT '06

Two practical results of CRIT 2006 were the production of new YWAM promotional materials, and a plan for a new workshop to train YWAM communicators called BCW. Another positive result of CRIT 2006 was the emergence of a Europe Field Communication Team (EuroCom).

CRIT '07

CRIT '08

The fifth CRIT was held at the YWAM location near Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was attended by 42 YWAMers from several Latin countries as well as Europe, North American and Africa.

A second Basic Communication Workshop (BCW) was held the week prior to CRIT and was attended by many of the same participants. Students gained a biblical and historical perspective of communication and studied public speaking, writing and visual communication. Then they broke into smaller interest groups and learned about specific topics of interest including video production, photography, blogging, research and other subjects.

CRIT participants got to hear two inspirin messages from YWAM Argentina leader Alejandro Rodriguez on communication. They also heard from International Chairman Lynn Green via GENESIS teleconferencing technology. Besides times of corporate worship and reports, CRIT 5 got very practical as participants quickly formed working groups to brainstorm and create strategies for actual projects, most building on previous CRIT initiatives. The Mind the Gap group committed to developing an infrastructure for improving communication translation in YWAM. The Value Communication team chose to concentrate on packaging Alejandro Rodriguez's messages on DVD along with other materials for leader's conferences to be held this year in Brazil and at the Southern Cone Leader's Conference. The Multiplying Communicators group concentrated on developing a database of YWAM communication ministries and working on a marketing strategy to advertise these ministries. They also discussed ideas for developing more training programs besides the BCS. The Communication Teams group launched LatinCom, the newest member of the International Communication Network. This will be coordinated by Michele Etchart in the southern region and Leda Romero in the Northern Cone, with help by Veronica Schaab, who will bridge the various regions and help connect the Spanish speaking and Portuguese regions. The Y-Wiki group committed to launching a Wikipedia-type web site by March 2009 (by the next CRIT). This will be a place where YWAMers can post their stories, photos and videos in various languages from different perspectives, anywhere in the world.