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Boy Meets Girl
By: Joshua Harris
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ISBN 1590521676

No Dating

So what to do about ever finding the right person for me? How can I find out without getting to know this wonderful person without a date?? What is this Joshua Harris thinking? Well, what did he do to find his wife and hook up with her? Well, this will sound a bit weird, but he did take her on a date. Except that he used a different word to describe it. Not "Dating" but "Courtship".


So what's the difference. Well, it is not making much of a difference by using another word. But it is certainly in the whole way of approaching romantic relationships. The emphasis and focus is on God. Instead of following the examples of what television is saying or what non-Christian friends are doing, we need to ask our creator for help and guidance. Remember that God loves us. He knows exactly what is best for us, also for our love life.

Go on a Date

A little encouragement don't be scared to go on a date. You know, get to know each other. As friends first! Keep your focus on God first. Ask Him to come along. And oh.. forgot to tell you, what is the best thing you do with your mouth? Yes, talk! Not kiss! But you can read much more on that in this book. I am sure you are going to enjoy it.